Give your team a gift that will bring them the joy of grilling!

Our team is available to help you create a customized gift solution for your employees and clients!

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Corporate Meal Prep Catering

Chef-crafted meal prep delivery for every day meals is something that every employee would love when it comes to establishing a positive company culture. Give us an opportunity to solve this need for you and we're going to make you look like the best employers in the city!

Weekly Catering
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Company Events & Gifts

We offer an amazing variety of different seasonings, apparel products and cooking accessories for you to choose from. You can pick the product(s) you want and get a special discount for bulk purchases. In the end, your employees and clients will feel appreciated!

Corporate Accounts

Team Building Activities

Our entire team of influencers, brand champions, and chefs is available for corporate events. We can even provide an on-site hosted cooking class with you and your team! From (online) cooking classes to on-site tastings, we offer the best in culinary experiences for all occasions.

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