Cooking is an inclusive experience


Its a lifestyle we believe in!

From our manufacturing line to our board room and even our vendors, our workforce is made up of people from varied backgrounds and lifestyles. We are committed to supporting the voices, and aspirations of all communities.

Meet Founder
Ankur K Garg

Before Grill Party BBQ ever existed, Ankur has been a founder or c-suite level executive in various teams that have innovated consumer packaged goods (CPG) categories such as apparel & accessories, nutraceuticals, seasonings, beverages, produce, and more. He gained national recognition for his packaging design, pioneering the creation of social media influencers, and most importantly his ability to create product lines that people fall in love with.

The story behind inclusiveness as a lifestyle is centered around the belief that the entire team at Grill Party BBQ stands by – COOKING IS FOR EVERYONE. Whether you’re a beginner or a master chef you should feel that the grill and your kitchen are safe places for you to prepare meals for yourself and your loved ones. No one should ever be judged for their cooking skills and most importantly for their ethnic backgrounds nor any of their lifestyle choices!

Ankur leads the team to foster a culture of inclusion and acceptance so he can show his commitment to supporting every team member, customer, and supporter in his/her aspirations!

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