Gourmet Seasoning Blends used by Southern Grill Masters for nearly 40 years!

Even Homo erectus learned to cook meat with fire...

We can hypothesize Grill Party BBQ® events started like 1.8 million years ago, and it’s a damn shame that no one has made it a hashtag yet! So lets’ face it, hosting a backyard cookout is an American right of passage and we’re not going to let you fail in creating savory-sweet-smoked-spicy deliciousness for everyone attending your bbq!

79.1 million Americans have grilled out in the past year

Why do we love attending a barbecue? It’s obvious: better flavors, enjoying the outdoors, cookout music playlists, and entertaining your family and friends!

Whether you're a grillmaster or a beginner, we're gonna help you prepare amazing barbecue...

No matter how you spell it if you’re anything like us – you think of a perfect afternoon where you heat up your Weber Grill and get ready to create the most epic meal. Our top-secret formulas go back to the early 1920s where traditional southern barbecue cookouts created an authentic, rich southern smokey flavor that brings every type of grilled meat masterpiece to life. Our gourmet spice blends deliver an unforgettable flavor with lip-smacking flavors of garlic, onion, salt, paprika, red pepper,. citric acid, ginger, or just a hint of chili pepper warmth without carrying an overwhelming sugary sweetness!

Our handcrafted seasonings pair perfectly with meat-based protein and vegetarian/vegan options too. You can use these gourmet blends anywhere – whether you fire up your kitchen oven, are getting ready for your grill party outside, are about to start a smoking/roasting/baking session, and even out on the open range – it will bring out flavors that are authentic “barbecue.” Shh, don’t tell the pit/grill master in your house, but we’ve even seen some people use this blend in their salads! All Grill Party BBQ Seasonings are 100% Allergen Free from Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shellfish, Soy, or Wheat.

We knew we had something special once we saw the first labeled bottle...

These labels were designed by our founder Ankur K Garg and his good friend Mike Sciullo over the course of four (4) weeks… The team went through multiple iterations and when it was all said and done the renders came out amazing!

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We're on a mission to deliver high-quality seasoning blends that anyone can use in their cooking!

For Any Diet

Our seasonings are formulated with a focus on health and dietary needs to offer something for everyone to enjoy flavor from

For Any Foods

With a wide selection of flavors for your main dishes, sides, and snacks - we cover all bases to turn your next meal up a notch

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We made these seasonings to be an amazing accent to your grilling recipes and we know that they deliver smiles every time!

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Sized in large bottles designed to deliver enough seasoning for you to share the joy with your loved ones without holding back